The Collective

Performing Arts / Production


Kim Schroeder, is a Seoul based performer who works full time doing children's musical theatre. Hailing from the sunny city of Cape Town, where she graduated with a Degree in Drama, Film and Media, she has been fully active in the Seoul expat arts community for the last two years, serving on the board of directors for Seoul Players as well as performing with Seoul Shakespeare Company. 

Alameen Saidu, is a Nigerian actor, director, playwright. As an active member in the Seoul expat theater community since 2016, he has participated in numerous productions in different capacities. First, as an actor with Seoul Shakespeare Company, and then as a director with Seoul Players and Starlight Productions. He directed two plays for Seoul Players’ 10-Minute Play Festival, one of which garnered the top award. He returned to the festival this year as a director, actor, and writer.

Ray Salcedo, (MA/ABD, Drama/Literature, UCSD) is an award-winning director and playwright and Associate Teaching Professor at Seoul National University. He has directed A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Titus Andronicus for Seoul Shakespeare Company and has written a few plays for Seoul Players, including last year’s one-act Rent, Boy. He is one of the co-founders of The Collective.